Strategy is usually a degree only offered in business school at the graduate level. With a degree in strategy, you might work in business development, economic analysis, or management consulting. You are likely to land a high-paying position if you graduate from a reputable business school and have good grades. In general, the area of management consulting garners the most consistently high salaries.

A student who seeks an economics and strategy MBA will learn how to train managers to apply economic principles to successfully carry out corporate strategy. To do this, students will need to take courses such as macroeconomics, game theory, and information economics. In many cases, they will also be expected to master one additional specialty, such as sociology, psychology, or political science. They will also be well-served by taking on the best internship and practical training opportunities they can find. Strategists must understand the theory of business processes and know how to use this understanding to help make a business or organization profitable or successful.

Because the coursework for an MBA in economics and strategy emphasizes real-world application and practical studies, it equips graduates to move directly into management and leadership positions.

A degree in strategy will provide you with expert knowledge on what it takes to keep a business competitive. If you are currently working in management at a corporation and don’t want to have to stop to attend school, you might want to consider earning your degree online in this valuable discipline. Continuing to work while you study can have the added benefit of allowing you to apply the strategies you are learning to the real-world issues you encounter in the workplace.

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