Qualities of a Good Business School Student

Before you decide on a degree from business school, you may want to consider whether your personal qualities and strengths are appropriate for the business world. This article focuses on some of the top qualities of a successful business school student.

Qualities of a Good Business School Student Communication Skills
In the business world, you will need to communicate with people in positions both above and below you. The ability to communicate starts with you as a student. You must be effective at communicating both orally and in writing. You will also need to use a wide range of media, including email, text messages, phone calls, and other methods of communication. You must also be able to prepare oral and written reports that convey information accurately and successfully. To do these things, you will need to be able to use Communication and Information Technology (CIT) that is generally utilized for business applications.

Numerical Competency
All businesses require some level of mathematical or analytical skills. As a business school student, you will need basic math and quantitative skills. You will need to be able to analyze and interpret data and to arrive at conclusions based on your analysis.

Interpersonal Skills
Developing interpersonal skills is an important part of training to work in the world of business. Most projects in business are completed using teams of people, so you will need to be a team player. To carry out the tasks you’ll face as a business school student, you will need interpersonal skills such as listening, negotiating, persuading, and presenting. You must be open to the needs of others and sensitive to diverse peoples and cultures. You will need to recognize that there may be more than one way to effectively solve a problem or complete a project and that the best way might not always be yours.

As you study in business school, you will need to be an effective self-manager. You will need to manage your own time, planning, behavior, attitude, and motivation. You must develop an appetite for learning. The ability to discipline and manage yourself will serve you both in business school and in your future career.

Problem-Solving Abilities
The work you will do in the corporate world will come with its share of challenges. To be a good business school student, you should be able to solve problems and make decisions effectively. This includes identifying the problem, formulating a solution, and then successfully solving the problem itself. You should be able to create and consider a range of options that may be used to solve a problem.

Abstract Thought
In the world of business, complex situations or problems often arise. The ability to think abstractly will help you find solutions by engaging in symbolic or imaginative thinking. This ability is present in normal adult brain function, but it is also a skill that can be developed and capitalized on with the proper training.

To be a good business school student, you need the ability to identify assumptions, detect false logic or reasoning, identify implied values, and evaluate statements in terms of evidence. These skills, along with the ability to generalize in an appropriate way, are needed both during your time at business school and in your future career.

As you consider becoming a business student, take stock of your personal qualities. Do you have the desire and discipline to develop the skills it takes to join the world of business? By reflecting on your abilities, you can be better prepared to develop and encourage these qualities of success in yourself.

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