Perhaps you are interested in the legal aspects of business. If so, then you may want to consider a business school degree in pre-law. In spite of how it may sound, you do not need a degree in pre-law to get into most law schools. However, a pre-law major will help you develop your critical reading, writing, and thinking skills. You’ll take courses to learn about business law, crime, government, and international issues. You’ll also get a broad base of the humanities and social sciences. This will help you gain insight into human nature, maximize your oral and written communication skills, and learn how to think creatively and carefully.

As you study pre-law, you’ll get to take courses in a wide variety of disciplines, including logic, government, political science, anthropology, psychology, foreign languages, and more. This is because law schools, which are often the goal after obtaining a pre-law degree, are more interested in students who can demonstrate knowledge in many areas. With a pre-law degree from a business school, you might become part of a political team or serve at a law firm, or you could offer your broad-based skills and knowledge to a private business, large or small.

In addition to these things, of course, you can continue on to law school and study to become a lawyer. Because of this, your internship opportunities as a pre-law major will probably include time at law firms, government entities, or related organizations.

If you have strong analytical and communication skills, you may be a good candidate for a pre-law major. If you study pre-law because you want to attend law school later, keep in mind that you will have to work very hard. You’ll be in fierce competition with other candidates who want to attend high-ranking law schools. You will probably need to maintain a high GPA, and you’ll need to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and achieve a good score. You’ll need to be the kind of person who doesn’t mind hard work and long hours, as lawyers generally have rigorous schedules. People who become lawyers are usually interested in becoming influential people within society and want to try to have a positive effect on the world around them.

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