Are you a social person with enjoys talking to others? Perhaps you’ve always been fascinated with why people buy certain brands over others, or why a specific store or restaurant chain is so popular. If so, a career in marketing could be a great fit for you.

Marketing is fundamental to the business world. It’s a modern development in business, as only during the early 1900s did businesses begin to think about the types of economic and social settings that influence people to buy. Soon, executives were trying to use the information they gained about what influenced people in order to sell more of their products and services. Thus, the field of marketing was born.

A degree in marketing from a business school will help ready you for careers in marketing and advertising. Marketing degree programs combine the liberal arts focus of the business administration major with the math and statistics courses of an accounting degree. In addition, marketing majors spend plenty of time studying human behavior and, in the present times, principles of e-commerce and Web-based marketing. With the education you receive, you’ll learn all about market research, design, and maintenance. This in turn will help you discover how to create an environment that will be satisfying to your target consumers, so that they will purchase and be happy with your product or service.

A large part of the workforce is either directly or indirectly involved in marketing, so a degree that helps you become an expert in this field can place you high in demand. You’ll have a greater chance of being able to advance more quickly up the career ladder with a degree in marketing.

Because a marketing degree is so helpful, many people attend online business school to obtain this degree so that they can advance in their careers without giving up their jobs. With a bachelor’s degree in marketing, you’ll have opportunities for management-level jobs in marketing, sales, promotions, marketing research, public relations, advertising, retail management, and more. Or you may choose to work in registered charities, arts groups, and special interest communities. A degree in marketing can prepare you for exciting work in a wide variety of fields.

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