Information Systems

It’s no secret that the world of technology and information systems is exploding, and that there is no end in sight. In spite of the fact that many students are hurrying to obtain degrees in information systems, the demand is so enormous that there are simply not enough trained professionals to meet it.

The field of information systems includes fiber optics, computers, digital systems, satellite, cable systems, and more. All of these areas require specialists with a high level of training and skill. If you decide to obtain a degree in information systems, you will be primed to enter this burgeoning market.

IT, or information technology, unlike many other fields and theories in business, changes and evolves at a rapid rate. Therefore, people who work in IT must keep themselves abreast of the latest and greatest in their specific field of expertise. As an IT student, you might specialize in systems analysis and design, business process design, software engineering, database management, or project management.

If you obtain an information systems degree from business school, you will be prepared to design, build, and execute software solutions for businesses. You will also learn how to analyze existing systems and develop methods to improve performances. If you enjoy problem solving and are adept with technology, this may be the perfect career for you.

Within the field of information systems, you may become a computer programmer, computer systems analyst, computer support specialist, chief technology officer (CTO), information systems manager, web game programmer, or computer forensics expert. These jobs and more are available to qualified graduates.

With your degree in information systems, you’ll be able to combine your knowledge of cutting-edge technology in database, hardware, software, and networking to meet the needs of your employer. You’ll have the opportunity to become an important contributor to modern-day business and technology.
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that the fastest-growing sector in the economy is IT. If you earn your degree in information systems, you’ll be poised to earn up to 82 percent more per year than people in the same field who have only a high school diploma. If you enjoy technology and find it easy to understand, you’ll be able to obtain the satisfaction of making a good living while working at something you love.

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