How to Write a Good Application Essay for Business School

If you are applying for entering the business school, you will have to know how to write mba application essay. It might be the most important paper you have ever written. Your application essay can help you to achieve your goals or even fail you. Look at some tips on writing your application paper for business school.

Get to Know Yourself

If you have a well-written application essay, you will be able easily to convince the Admission Board to enlist you. That’s why you should be confident in yourself, know why you what to study at this school, and why this particular training program will help you. Analyze your intellectual and personal development during all your academic years. When you can formulate the story that has led you to make this decision and apply for a certain program, you are ready to start writing and learn some mba admissions essay tips.

Write an Introduction and Thesis

You need to have a thesis statement before writing an essay. This is one sentence representing the main idea of your work, and it should be clear. The first sentence is the most important as it attracts the reader's attention. Create a strong introductory paragraph of five sentences or less. Explain briefly who you are, where you come from, why you chose the particular area you are applying for, and why this business is your first choice.

How to Write the Main Body of Your Essay

The main essay part has three or four paragraphs, and each of them has an idea that is related to the main topic of the business school application essay. Present your idea at the beginning of the paragraph as it will tell a reader what he is going to expect in this part. A few ideas in one paragraph may confuse a reader. Always support each idea as it convinces your reader of its credibility and accuracy. If you successfully prove your point of view, the reader will agree with your conclusion. Move smoothly from a passage to passage, keeping their logical order.


Suggest your thesis statement again and add some key points that make a reader think further. Use several sentences to conclude your final part that emphasizes your main message without repeating the facts that have already been mentioned. Of course, if you find writing such papers difficult, you manage to ask someone’s help. For example, websites where you usually pay someone to do your homework.

Proofread Your Paper

After your creative process is completed, it’s necessary to keep on working on your essay, but not immediately. Try to walk away from it for a while and take a break for yourself. Only afterwards, you need to read it a few times to make sure you avoided grammar mistakes, misspelled words, or punctuation issues. Keep in mind the word limit in your essay. If you have more sentences than the Admission Board wants to read, look through your essay carefully to remove unnecessary information, shorten some sentences, and make your thoughts concise. Don’t use the same words repeatedly and make your vocabulary more varied using online dictionaries. Replace your words and phrases with vocabulary with the same meanings.
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