You can choose from many types of jobs if you obtain a degree in finance from business school. Almost every kind of business needs a financial expert. You might choose to work for a large corporation, small business, or bank, or you might decide to open your own consulting company. Finance is different from accounting because it calls for you to be a decision maker and to offer advice that will further the financial goals of your client or organization.

If you like working with money and have strong math skills, you might consider a degree in finance. With this degree, you’ll do best if you are both outgoing and inquisitive. You’ll need to interact with your client or with your company’s management team. You’ll have to be able to hear and understand their goals and to take into account their resources and options as you make suggestions to grow their financial base.

While in business school, finance majors must pay attention to their grades. This is one field where potential employers will most likely consider your GPA as well as your previous professional experience.

With a degree in finance, you may want to become a credit analyst and assess the risk of offering credit to either businesses or individuals. Or you may want to become a financial advisor or a financial planner. These people help individuals invest their money and achieve their financial goals. Or, on a corporate scale, you could become an investment banker. As such, you would advise and raise funds for a corporation. You can also become a loan officer at a bank or a credit union. As such, it would be your job to determine the creditworthiness of individuals and decide whether they would be eligible for a loan. These are a few of the careers available to you if you earn a finance degree.

The field of finance has continued to grow rapidly and shows no signs of shrinking. A degree in finance could help you maintain a satisfying and long career in the world of business.

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