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You have applied to the business school you want to attend, and you’ve finally been accepted. Now you’re wondering what business school will be like. How will your life be different? Will the course load be too overwhelming? Will you be able to have a social life?

Business School Life Business schools vary greatly in what they require and expect from you. However, the highest-ranked business schools have several things in common. They include a rigorous academic model, and they emphasize finance, economics, accounting, and statistics. Many of these schools don’t require or give credit for internships, but a lot of business school students seek out internships on their own. They know that an internship at a successful corporation will serve them well when it comes time to look for and land a job after graduation.

The top business schools offer programs that use MBA teaching methods. They give you case studies, team projects, and simulations. They want to provide you with enough practical training so that you’ll be able to handle almost anything that comes your way in the world of business.

Majors that are available to you may include accountancy, finance, marketing, management consulting, management, entrepreneurship, and information technology management. You’ll probably enroll in at least four classes, for a total of at least 12 class hours, per semester, trimester, or quarter. At the beginning, you’ll probably be required to take core classes in other subjects besides your specialization. As you progress through school, your coursework will become more and more focused on your area of choice.

In the top-ranked business schools, competition among undergraduate students can get pretty intense. Students try to outperform each other in the areas of grades, internships, and practical studies. They know they will be competing for the best-paying, choicest jobs when they graduate, or they may want to continue on to a high-ranking graduate school to pursue their MBA. If you have the grades, talent, and desire to succeed on this level, you’ll need to work hard to come out on top. You will need to focus most of your energies on your education. This means you won’t have a lot of time for extracurricular activities like demanding jobs or a regular dose of parties and social events.

However, you can still be highly successful as a business school student without performing at that level. You will just need to prioritize your time and efforts. You may not think you want to pursue an MBA now, but perhaps in a year or two you’ll change your mind. It would be better to be consistent with your grades and performance now, so that you won’t regret slacking off later.

In addition to your coursework, business school is also about networking and developing relationships. The people you meet at school could very well be the ones you interact with in the future in the corporate world. The relationships you build now can only help you down the road.

If you find that you can handle your coursework easily enough, invest some time in networking. You may also want to take some electives that appeal to you or participate in extracurricular activities like sports or student government.

Finally, during your time at business school, you will want to seek relevant summer jobs or internships. Recruiting for these types of positions usually starts in January and continues until March, but it may begin as soon as October of your freshman year. Don’t let all the best opportunities be filled before you apply—start looking early.

As you move into your third year of school, you may have completed most of your core coursework. Now you will begin to focus on your major. You will start taking electives in your area of specialization. You can start to breathe a little easier. You know what school is like; you know the routine, and you know how to schedule your time. From here on, you can make sure that your major is the best one for you, and you can pursue every avenue of experience toward mastering your area of specialty.

Business school may be challenging at times, but it shouldn’t overwhelm you as long as you follow a few key principles. Make your schooling your top priority. Study first, have fun later. It can be tough to do this, but once you make it a habit, it will get easier.

Do your best. Many people settle for mediocre performance in their lives. If you can do something really well, you will set yourself apart from the herd. The favorable impressions you make on both faculty and classmates will stick around for years to come. When it comes time to recommend someone for a scholarship or a great job, your professors are going to think of the people who went that extra mile.

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