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Business Degrees So you are considering attending business school, but you’re not sure what level of degree you want to aspire to. Perhaps you are working within a job or career and need to keep working, but you want to improve your chances of getting a promotion or a salary increase. Or maybe you are about to graduate from high school and are contemplating the options, trying to decide which one will best help you achieve your ultimate career goals.

The good news for anyone thinking about business school is that there are several options available. Obviously, the ones that require less training will require less time and less money. However, the ones that require more training have a much greater chance of opening doors to much higher wages and greater opportunities and levels of responsibility.

The lowest level of training you can receive following your high school diploma is a certificate in business. You can also earn certificates for short courses at higher levels of learning. Usually, a certificate indicates that you have attained a certain standard of knowledge in one specific subject area. It takes about a year of full-time schooling to earn an undergraduate certificate. Often, certificate programs don’t include general education requirements like math or English composition.

If you think you can attend school for two years (or spread that schooling out over more years), you can earn an associate’s degree. Generally, the courses you take to earn an associate’s degree are the same as those you would take during the first two years of earning a bachelor’s degree.

A bachelor’s degree takes four years of full-time schooling. With this degree, you’ll be required to take general coursework as well as the coursework specific to your major. With a bachelor’s degree program, you get to be more specific about the business specialty you want to study.

Once you have earned a bachelor’s degree, you can continue on to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. This degree usually takes one to two full-time years to earn, or you can spread this schooling over a few years if you need to do so. Also, you can take as much time as you want between earning one degree and the next.

Today, many busy professionals are opting to earn their business degrees online or at schools that offer evening and weekend classes. This allows them to continue with their current work and family responsibilities while still building for their future.

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