Business Administration

A degree in business administration will help qualify you for a wide range of jobs in many fields, including government, large or small private business, education, retail, and more. With this degree, you can choose to specialize in areas like finance, human resource management, marketing, international business, hospitality management, legal studies, health services, accounting, and more.

When you earn a business administration degree from business school, you’ll learn all about the functional areas of a company and how they connect with one another. You’ll improve your management and communication skills, and you’ll practice decision making in the context of business. Because jobs for this degree require you to understand the “big picture” when it comes to business, you will most likely be given ample training opportunities and practical experience. You’ll want to take advantage of internship programs and other interactions with real businesses during your time at school.

As a business major, you can expect to have a balanced and comprehensive education with more than just business courses. During your freshman and sophomore years, you’ll take arts and science courses, including writing workshops, psychology or sociology, economics, communications, calculus, and more. You’ll delve into your professional business education around the beginning of your junior year, with courses in finance, management, and organizational skills. You’ll spend the rest of your junior and senior years focusing on your chosen specialization within the field of business administration.

If you have the ability to communicate effectively and are able to lead and manage others, this may be a good degree for you. You will also need strong reading, writing, and speaking skills. A job in business administration can include a lot of responsibility. You must be comfortable making decisions and accepting consequences for them. You must also be a team player and have superior organizational and computer skills.

The increasingly connected global market has an expanding need for business school graduates to apply their skills in international commerce, government, the arts, health care, and the nonprofit sector. With a degree in business administration, you can choose to immediately enter one of these areas, or you can continue on to earn your Master’s in Business Administration. The business principles you learn will serve as the foundation for all economic, social, and political systems you might encounter.

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